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Drain Cleaning

Business owners of Katy should keep their drains as clean as possible to avoid costly repairs due to serious drain problems that might cost a big loss in revenues. Your retail business will receive a negative impact when your drainage lines are not working properly.

Clogged toilets and not working drains are a big problem in restaurants and other food service establishments because drains with blockages and water backing up from toilets can cause sanitary problems for employees and customer alike.  Plumbing in Healthcare facilities are more complex than other establishments; it needs to be safe and sanitary for all the patients, family, and healthcare providers.

Katy business owners should not worry in case they found their selves in a middle of a plumbing emergency. Here in Drain Cleaning Service Katy, we provide quality commercial drain cleaning services. Our professional technicians are highly skilled and ready to fix any leaking faucets, clogged drainage lines, and toilets. We are properly equipped with state of the art tools and experts in drain cleaning.



  • food and hospitality services
  • property management & landlords
  • office buildings and retail businesses
  • schools, universities & religious institutions
  • healthcare providers & senior living facilities
  • warehouses and parking ramps



  1. Area drains
  2. Bar drains
  3. Basement drains
  4. Bath sinks
  5. Bath tubs
  6. Camera Inspections
  7. Catch basins
  8. Dishwasher lines
  9. Down spout drains
  10. Drywells
  11. Floor drains
  12. Frozen pipes
  13. Garage drains
  14. Grease lines
  15. Indirect waste pipes
  16. Kitchen sinks
  17. Laundry drains
  18. Leach lines
  19. Light Plumbing Repairs
  20. Perimeter drains
  21. Pool skimmer lines
  22. Roof drains
  23. Septic drain lines
  24. Sewer lines / main line drains
  25. Shower drains
  26. Soil stacks
  27. Storm drains
  28. Toilets
  29. Trench drains
  30. Urinals

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